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New Gear For Your Latest Excusion: STM Drifter

1 bagIf you haven’t heard of STM before, hopefully this article will help you get acquainted with them and an excellent piece from their new Annex collection. STM was founded in 1998 in Sydney, Australia. They make a variety of bags, packs, phone and tablet cases. Their mission: to provide you with stylish options for carrying and protecting your valuable items, all with unparalleled quality and attention to detail. They also stand by their products, replacing or repairing without charge for any defect that may occur as long as it is not the result of accidental damage, misuse, improper care, animal attack, or natural breakdown of the materials due to extended use. So make sure you are not the victim of a bear attack while wearing your STM.

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Speck CandyShell Grip, Get Your Gaming On

Speck 2

Let’s talk candy, not Candy Crush (I will block you) but CandyShell Grip from Speck. Speck a company I’ve come to love has come a long way since first starting in the smartphone industry. Speck has delivered many different styles of cases over the years like the CandyShell series, SmartFlex series, Pixelskin series and Fabshell series.

My favorite case of Speck’s at the moment is their CandyShell Grip series. If you’re a big time gamer and want great protection you’ll find the CandyShell Grip will handle your needs.

Since being introduced to the CandeyShell Grip, it’s been hard for me to use other cases. For starters, the rubber grip structure eliminates the slipperiness helping prevent you from dropping your phone. Not to mention the case has all-around protection from a raised bezel which keeps your screen safe and it also has rubberized cover shield buttons.

Speck 3

The CandyShell Grip comes in several different colors, so it’s quite easy to find one that fits your lifestyle. The CandyShell Grip costs $34.95 and comes with a one-year warranty.

If you don’t have an iPhone 5 don’t worry, the CandyShell Grip is available for other smartphones as well. Look below to see if your device makes the cut.

  • iPhone 4/ 4S / 5
  • Nokia Lumia 920, 1020
  • Motorola Droid ULTRA
  • HTC One, One X, One X+
  • HTC Windows Phone 8X
  • Sony Xperia TL
  • Motorola Droid Maxx
  • Samsung Galaxy S IV

You can check out the full line up via this link.

Review: AfterShokz Sportz M2


At first glance, one would think these are some very strange looking headphones. AfterShokz Sportz M2 headphones are not your traditional headphones you would find in the store, they are open ear headphones that use bone conduction technology to transfer stereophonic sound via vibrations on your cheekbones to the inner ear.

I was first introduced to AfterShokz at CES 2012. They had a very impressive product, and I could tell they were off to a good start. Well, CES 2o13 rolled around and AfterShokz was back with a bigger and more impressive booth. They had revamped their product line and made some great improvements.

AfterShokz sent me a set of the Sportz M2 headphones to review, and it has been a pure pleasure to be using these headphones. Keep on reading to see what I thought about them.

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The iZZi Orbit iPhone Case


If you are someone who likes to take pictures but hates lugging around a large heavy camera, the iZZi Orbit iPhone case may be for you. The iZZi Orbit iPhone case allows you to choose between three interchangeable lenses to shoot with the Fish Eye, Wide Angle, or Telephoto.

Fish Eye:



Wide Angle:




The case is currently available in three different colors red, black, or silver and is available for the iPhone 4/4s and the iPhone 5. If you want to get your hands on this case you can head to iZZi website and order the case for $239.99.



Possible Sync Cable For The New iPhone

Veister, a company that specializes in USB cables tweeted a photo of what looks to be the sync cable for the next generation of iOS devices from Apple. With Apple’s announcement less than a month away we have already seen pictures of an 8-pin dock connector and 4-inch display which all tie into Apple’s new iPhone.

As always we don’t believe anything until Tim Cook says it is so. But even if this is just concept based off the leaked iPhone parts it is still interesting to see. I sure hope Apple has made more than enough dock adapters.



T-Mobile Offering No Annual Contract Broadband Service

T-Mobile has started their new flexible no contract mobile broadband service passes. With these passes customers will be able to enjoy T-Mobile’s 4G network across a variety of mobile devices including tablets, mobile hotspots and laptop sticks.

The mobile broadband passes will start at $15 for 300MB that is good for a week of service and go up to $50 for 5GB that’s is good for a month. This new no contract option is great for travelers who just need data on and off. You simply reactive the device when needed and let the service expire without worry of additional fees.



Incipio Starts Reward Program For BlackBerry Users

Calling all BlackBerry users. Incipio has just launched their Incipio Rewards Program that is designed just for you BlackBerry users out there. The program offers a free, $10 pre-paid mobile application card to customers when they purchase any BlackBerry smartphone case.

With the extensive growth of the BlackBerry market and as a proud partner of the Built for BlackBerry program, Incipio has developed an extensive range of accessories specifically designed to work with BlackBerry smartphones and the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet. Incipio currently offers a complete line of protective and enhancing case solutions for BlackBerry Bold, BlackBerry Torch and BlackBerry Curve models.”

This $10 application card gives you access to a wide range of select BlackBerry applications. You can find out more about the program and cases by following this link. We are a big fan of Incipio and hope you check them out.

They also make cases for non-BlackBerry devices such as the iPhone.

CES Unveiled And Startup Debut Pre-Shows Before CES

CES officially starts today and before the fun begans CES Unveiled took place Sunday, January 8th in Las Vegas at the Venetian. CES Unveiled was a pre-show media event that allowed us to take a look at the new products that are being introduced throughout 2012. There were 73 companies that made an appearance and among them were companies like Speck, Line 2, Belkin, LG, Samsung, and Case-Mate. Full list of the companies that showed up can be seen below.

Ending the night was the Startup Debut event that took place at the Mandalay Bay on the 64th floor, which was a much smaller event that only had about 20 exhibitors showcasing their products. Companies that attended the Startup Debut event are:

  • DocBeat
  • Evertune
  • Frequency
  • HipGeo
  • InsureMonkey
  • Liquipel
  • Multi Touch
  • PlayScreen
  • SnapCuts
  • Swag of the Month
  • Trac.ky
  • TravelDNA
  • TourWrist
  • UberFun
  • Walls360
  • WeVideo
  • Wemo Media
  • Worlize
  • WOWee One

Stay tuned as CES pushes into high gear. We will be bringing you breaking news with in depth follow up and the close of the show.