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Apple Releases 12 Days Of Gifts App


Apple has realized their 12 Days of Gifts app. Starting December 26 through February 6, Apple will be gifting apps, books, movies and songs through the app. Think of it as 12 gifts from Apple over the holidays.

To take advantage of this, simply install the app on your iPhone or iPad. Be sure to enable push notifications when you open the app so you get alerts to the gifts.

You can install the app now via this link.

Scout Brings New Features To iOS Along With Holiday Icons


Looking to help put you in the Holiday spirit, TeleNav released an update to their turn-by-turn navigation GPS app Scout. With the new update, you can now choose your vehicle icon to be a Santa’s Hat, an Elf Cap, Rudy the Reindeer (Rudolph) and a New Year’s topper.

On the non-holiday side, this update also includes the following enhancements:

  • Adaptive Routing – Scout looks out for timesaving options as you drive, automatically shows you if a better route is available, and helps you reroute around incidents and hazards.
  • Traffic Speed Indicators – See live traffic speeds on a map and along your route, so you know exactly what to expect when you hit the road
  • Improved One-Box – Now gives you more intelligent suggestions to help you find what matters faster

Scout has become my favorite GPS-Navigation apps to use, especially to avoid traffic. Throughout the year, it became the #1 download GPS-Navigation app in the Apple App Store and stays in the top of the charts week to week.

The new Holiday icons are also available on Scout for Android. Below is a quick video of them action.

If you are just hearing about Scout, you can download it for free for iPhone or Android.

Google Play Music For iPhone Arrives

Google Play Music

Google Play Music finally arrived for iOS. I was happy with Apple’s iTunes Match and the features it provided but not the price.

iTunes Match ($24.99/ per year) allows access to your music library from iTunes on your computer or in the Music app on your iOS device. After using iTunes Match for a year, I found that I didn’t take advantage of the service enough to justify the expense. When it was time to renew I went back to manually syncing music from my computer.

I decided to give Google Play Music a shot, mostly because it is free and provided some great features.  Right after installing I was impressed with the user interface and the layout of the app. Read more

Google Now Available On iPhone And iPad

Google Now Logo

Today Google released Google Now on iOS. “The right information at just the right time”, states the demo video. From our experience with the Android version this is going to be a welcome addition to iOS.

Google Now gives you information at your fingertips, before you even ask for it. Google Now also gives you weather, traffic alerts, as well as live updates on sport scores, news, and updates on stories that you have been following. The more you use Google Now, the more relevant information it provides to you.

Google Now Image 2

Google Now is built into the Google Search app update and is available via this link from the app store.

Below is a video of Google Now and you can follow this link to download the app.

Navigation App Scout Releasing Major Map & Traffic Update

Traffic Report

TeleNav has announced that company will bring some major updates to their free version of Scout. These updates will provide 3D representations of buildings and improvements to its traffic content and user interface. These updates will push out over the remainder of the year.

With 3D integration being added to Scout maps users will be able to see buildings and landmarks in 3D throughout their route allowing them to have more realistic feel of the landscape along your drive.

“Our primary goal in adding 3D integration into Scout for Phones is to help drivers navigate unfamiliar areas, ” said Ryan Peterson, director of production management, traffic and navigation at TeleNav. “With that goal in mind, we are focusing on ease of use, realistic but subtle graphics, and intuitive views. It’s about providing drivers with additional content on the road so they can so they can better navigate their surroundings with just a quick glance.”

Part of the major traffic update allows users to report an accident they run across. You’ll even be able to report road hazards, traffic jams and police presence with just a simple tap on your smartphones screen.

Accident Reported

Other improvements include:

  • Expanded overall traffic coverage by five times – through the addition of traffic and congestion information for arterial roadways
  • Improvements in updating drivers on upcoming traffic and alternate routes
  • Update mid-route – Allowing drivers to see traffic flow information for longer portions of their trip. Read more

Hop Back Into Time With The TimeHop App


What if there was a way you could look at old pictures, Facebook posts, tweets, and places you’ve been to all in one app?

Timehop for iPhone allows you to just do that. With Timehop you’re able to look back at what you were doing on todays date going back as far as your online history allows. The app pulls data from Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Instagram and Flickr.

Timehop Social Networking

Timehop is very easy to use, you just connect to social networks you use and the app does the rest from there. For example, if you posted a year ago today to your Facebook and tweeted a picture, Timehop will pull your post and tweets of just that day for you to see.

If you want to share what you did years ago you’re able to do that too. You can share via SMS, email, Twitter or Facebook. You can even post it to Timehop so your Timehop friends can enjoy the memories.

To see what your friends have shared you tap on the icon that resembles two people and that will take you to your friends feed. There you can like or comment on their shared posts.

Timehop Image

When it comes to using Twitter, if you tweet heavily you’ll need to take some extra steps for in order for Timehop to be able to grab all your tweets from pervious years. You can follow this link to see how to do it.

As a user of Timehop, it’s interesting to see what you have done in years past, pictures I have taken and even places I’ve been. The app has pretty much become a part of my morning ritual. Wake up, check my emails / messages and brush my teeth while looking over Timehop.

Timehop is only available for iOS, but if you don’t have an iPhone you can head to their website and give it a try via email. To download Timehop just follow this link, to give it a whirl. To access via email go to www.timehop.com.

Amazon Cloud Player Version 2.0 Optimized For iPad


Amazon has updated their Amazon Cloud Player to version 2.0 for iOS users. The new version has been redesigned to be compatible with Apple’s iPad and iPad Mini. The update also brings a new interface for users and adds a new setting that allows you to configure the size of the cache that is used for storing your music locally.

If you’re not familiar with Amazon Cloud Player, users are able to upload their music to a cloud service and stream it directly to their iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. Cloud Player even scans your music library, searches for matches in the Amazon library and upgrades your files to a high quality copies much like Apple’s iTunes Match.

The free version of Amazon Cloud Player allows users can import up to 250 songs for free. Music purchased from Amazon does not count in the 250 song limit. If your library is bigger than that you’ll need to purchase a premium account, which is $25 a year and allows your library to contain up to 250,000 songs.


Scout For iPhone Adds Location Sharing

Scout Logo

Scout for iPhone users, just keeps getting better as an update to the app has been released that allows users to share their location with family and friends and also send turn-by-turn navigation.

If you want to share your location you can with a tap on your iPhone screen. You can choose to share via text message, e-mail or Facebook.

photo 1

The best part about sharing your location with family or friends is that they don’t have to have the Scout app. The shared location has a link to Scout’s HTML5 browser-based turn by turn navigation. As long as the person you are sending the location data to has a smartphone with iOS, Android or Windows Phones they can fully interact

“We’re always on the go – whether it’s our morning drive to work, taking our kids on an adventure for the weekend, or going out with our friends,” said Dariusz Paczuski, general manager of Scout at Telenav. Being able to easily discover local bands and venues, share them with our friends, tell our friends that we’re on our way, and know when they’ll arrive, are great examples of how we’re focused on making Scout even more helpful and more personal for each of our users.”

photo 3

The update will also allow for you to share your ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival) by sending out a text message through the app when you set your route. Scout even takes into account real-time traffic data.

TeleNav also updated their Scout.me homepage so that it is easier for users to search, save and share venues with family or friends. When saving favorites to your Scout.me account they will also save on your Scout app for you to access later.

If you don’t have Scout, check out the video below to see how it works and you can follow this link to the App Store to download the app and check it out yourself.