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CES 2013: Dexim ClickStik Bluetooth Remote & Camera Stand

Last night at CES Unveiled DEXIM was providing samples of their ClickStik Bluetooth remote shutter for iOS devices. At first I wasn’t that excited, until I got back to the hotel and took it for a test run.

Setup was straight forward, just a quick pairing of Bluetooth and then a download of their camera app. I was snapping pictures with the remote in minutes.

The included tripod, isn’t the best but it does get the job done and folds up nicely for travel. The range of the remote is about 30 feet, way more than you would need for most uses. We used the remote for a series of team pictures.

If you are looking for an inexpensive remote trigger setup, definitely give the ClickStik a try. Above is the promo video from DEXIM.

It is available from many retailers, including Amazon for $39.99