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AT&T To End Contract Phone Plans

In a move that is not too surprising AT&T will be ending its program of 2 year contracts and subsidized phones according to internal documents obtained by Engadget on January 8th 2016.

T-Mobile pioneered this sales method and it has been one of many offerings that has shot them to success in the past few years.




AT&T will still be offering phones via their installment / lease plan called Next which allows interest free financing of devices with multiple upgrade options. You of course still have the option of buying a device outright or bringing your own.

Not everyone will be happy with this change, there are still many people who are stuck on paying $99 or $199 every two years, getting a new phone and locked into a contract for another 2 years. These users see this as a great deal but what they are missing is they are actually spending more for the device because of the plans inflated prices over the course of two years.

In addition, switching to these new, lower priced, non-contract plans will result in users losing their “unlimited” data plans.

For some it is going to be a mixed bag of good and bad, but for the majority of users you should save money and have a little more freedom to hop to a new carrier. Let’s hope Verizon and AT&T grab onto a few more ideas from their competitors and make the wireless landscape more competitive with even more features for users.

AT&T Changes Upgrade Eligibility Terms


AT&T didn’t think Mondays sucked enough, so today they enacted a policy change. Previously you were allowed to upgrade your device every 20 months at full discount. Starting on any contract ending after March 2014 you will have to wait the full 24 months to take advantage of an upgrade.

Verizon has already switched to the 24 month cycle leaving Sprint as the only major U.S. carrier still operating on a 20 month cycle for upgrades. T-Mobile has completely done away with contracts.

Enjoy you four extra months of outdated device ownership next year.


Sprint Introducing No Contract Plans For Business

In a move that should make many businesses happy, Sprint has announced a new set or rate plans named Business Freedom. These plans will let you pool minutes and data between your users but the real benefit is being able to easily scale your cellular needs without early termination fees.

Sprint is making these plans available to attract customers who have short term demand or seasonal needs. This will allow customers a wide range of devices on the Sprint network without the 2 year contract. Read more

T-Mobile Looking To Discontinue Flexpay Plan

T-Mobile is looking to end their Flexpay program which was setup for customers who didn’t have the best of credit. When T-Mobile ran the customer’s credit, depending on the approval the customer would be put into three different categories. First a post paid plan under contract, second a Flexpay with contract and lastly a Flexpay with no contract. Read more

T-Mobile Offering Windows Phone HD7 For $99

Looking for a great deal on a Windows Phone 7 device? T-Mobile is offering the HTC HD7 for $99 with upgrade or new 2 year contract.

I have always liked the size of the HD7 even before release. We are not sure how long this deal will last but it is the lowest we have seen so if you have been thinking about an HD7 now is the time. Read more