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AirDroid Provides Fast, Free Wireless Phone Management


The days of cable-less phone management are now one step closer. AirDroid allows any phone running Android 2.1 or higher to be managed over a wireless network. Everything from photos, music, apps, even your SMS messages, can all be controlled through a simple web interface.

The operation really couldn’t be any simpler. You start up AirDroid on your phone, it will give you a local IP address to enter into your browser, enter the 4 digit randomly-generated password, and you are in. AirDroid lays out everything in a desktop setting, so everything is very straightforward. Have some photos you want off your phone? Simply click the photos icon, and you are greeted with a folder view of all the photos on your phone. You can then easily export them to your desktop. Same goes for music, files, and apps. You can also completely manage your SMS messages from within AirDroid, so if you are on your computer, you no longer have to switch back and forth to and from your phone when you get a message. Another very cool thing you can do is import/export text to and from your phone’s clipboard. So if you have a website you found on your phone, but it would be a pain to find on your computer, simply copy the URL, go to the Clipboard within AirDroid on your computer, and copy it from your phone.

The best thing about AirDroid is that it is completely free. It also currently sports an amazing 4.8 of 5 star rating on the Android Market with over 7500 reviews. You can check out a video of AirDroid in action below.

Android Market-AirDroid

OnLive Brings Cloud Based Windows 7 To iPad

OnLive has done it again. First they made thin client gaming and now they have created a virtualized Windows 7 environment for the iPad. This development, announced at CES is going to free many iPad users from having to carry a Windows PC in addition to a laptop.

The basic service will be free and includes 2GB of storage with access to Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint. A paid version of the service will be available for $9.99 a month and includes 50GB of storage and priority cloud service (faster).

Look for the app on Thursday. We will post when it shows up in the app store. To see OnLive Desktop in action follow this link.

This service will be coming to Android, Mac and PCs in the near future.