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New Ford Sync 3 System Ditches Microsoft For BlackBerry’s QNX Platform

Ford Sync 3Something that is becoming more and more standard in most vehicles is an infotainment system of some kind. A few years ago, I was at an event where Ford was demonstrating a few of their vehicles with the Mircosoft Sync system. I was very impressed with what it had to offer and the way the interface appeared to work. So much so, that I purchased two new Ford vehicles within the next year.

After a few years now, I am not as impressed with the system. The are constant lags, and there never seem to be any updates for the system software. I know I have complained on more than one occasion that the system was flawed.

It appears that Ford has listened, or maybe this is something they have been working on for years anyway. Ford has announced that starting with 2016 year models, vehicles will now be running Sync 3 which will be powered by BlackBerry’s QNX software. I can surely say this is a very welcome upgrade to the vehicle’s infotainment systems. It does not appear that older vehicles will be able to upgrade, which really sucks for me.

According to Ford:

Although SYNC 3 is optimized for hands-free use, an all-new touch screen delivers an experience similar to a smartphone or tablet.

Quicker response to touch as well as voice commands and smartphone-like gestures including pinch-to-zoom and swipe are central to SYNC 3, along with crisp, modern graphics.

For more information on the new Sync 3 system, please see the Ford press release below.

Source: Ford

CES 2013: Ford and Glympse Partner Using SYNC AppLink

20130106-214012.jpgFord and Glympse have announced the first in-car, voice-activated location sharing app for Ford vehicles with SYNC AppLink. Now, by just using simple voice commands, drivers can share their location with others by saying “Send Glympse”.

This feature is helpful to let friends and family know where you are without having to get distracted and make a phone call or send a text.

To use Glympse, drivers just need to have the app installed on their smartphone, and have it connected via bluetooth or USB connection. Once the driver chooses to “Send Glympse”, it will send their location to a friends email, mobile number, FaceBook, or Twitter. The recipients can then monitor that person via real time on either a smartphone or desktop computer.

Glympse is available on iPhone and Android, and is now compatible with Ford SYNC AppLink vehicles.