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Possible Samsung Smartwatch Surfaces

Samsung Smartwatch 3

Some screenshots of the Samsung Galaxy Altius have surfaced. The Galaxy Altius is said to be Samsung’s version of a smartwatch. The original post is in Korean but we were still able to make out some details. In all the screenshots you will see SKT in left upper corner meaning it will be able to be carried on a wireless carriers data plan.

Samsung Smartwatch 2

Upper right hand corner:

  • AltiusOS beta2
  • 1.7% / 236 MB
  • Samsung-GA7
  • Code Altius

The Galaxy Altius appears to be running it’s own OS (Operating System), this could mean one of two things. It’s running software designed for the smartwatch itself or it could be a highly customized version of Android device.

Samsung Smartwatch

You will also notice in another image that there is a music note with “Ring Soul” and a box with the play symbol indicating a music player. There is also the number 2 with an envelope next to it that could stand for text messages or emails.

It should be interesting to see how the overall project comes out. We are starting to see a large number of smartwatches, hit the market and now is the time if Samsung wants to join the madness.



White iPhone 4 Heading To Best Buy April 27th – Wednesday

Looks like the mythical white iPhone 4 is going to finally launch Wednesday; 9 to 5 Mac was able to get their hands on some screen shots from a source over at Best Buy showing the white iPhone 4 will hitting April 27th.

The screen shot shows a white AT&T iPhone 4 available in both a 16 GB and 32 GB version. If you use the image as a guide it appears stores will be getting ten units of the 16 GB model. We are unsure of how many 32 GB models will be available at launch. Read more