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AT&T Rolls Out 4G LTE In Six More Markets

AT&T has launched six new 4G LTE markets. The cities include:

  • Buffalo, New York
  • Burlington, North Carolina
  • Corpus Christi, Texas
  • Gainesville, Georgia
  • Winston Salem, North Carolina
  • Wichita, Kansas

AT&T is behind on their LTE rollout when compared to Verizon, but the company is working on bring more 4G LTE coverage. As of right now the company is live in 47 markets.


AirDroid Provides Fast, Free Wireless Phone Management


The days of cable-less phone management are now one step closer. AirDroid allows any phone running Android 2.1 or higher to be managed over a wireless network. Everything from photos, music, apps, even your SMS messages, can all be controlled through a simple web interface.

The operation really couldn’t be any simpler. You start up AirDroid on your phone, it will give you a local IP address to enter into your browser, enter the 4 digit randomly-generated password, and you are in. AirDroid lays out everything in a desktop setting, so everything is very straightforward. Have some photos you want off your phone? Simply click the photos icon, and you are greeted with a folder view of all the photos on your phone. You can then easily export them to your desktop. Same goes for music, files, and apps. You can also completely manage your SMS messages from within AirDroid, so if you are on your computer, you no longer have to switch back and forth to and from your phone when you get a message. Another very cool thing you can do is import/export text to and from your phone’s clipboard. So if you have a website you found on your phone, but it would be a pain to find on your computer, simply copy the URL, go to the Clipboard within AirDroid on your computer, and copy it from your phone.

The best thing about AirDroid is that it is completely free. It also currently sports an amazing 4.8 of 5 star rating on the Android Market with over 7500 reviews. You can check out a video of AirDroid in action below.

Android Market-AirDroid

Sprint Experiencing Network Outage

Looks like Sprint is having some issues with their network in some states according to Engadget,  Some customers aren’t able to send text messages and others are having issues with voice calls. More as this develops.

From Engadget:

Uh oh, according to the handful of tips we’ve received, it appears that Sprint is currently having some technical problems on its cellular network in some states. Specifically, customers aren’t having much luck with sending text messages, while some are also not able to make voice calls.

Update 1: Tweet from Sprint “We are currently aware, I do apologize. We are working on a resolution. Thank you for your patience.”

Update 2: Engadget got a response from Sprint:

“We did have some disruption to Sprint SMS traffic earlier tonight, but it wasn’t a complete disruption — we lost partial capacity for about an hour. Engineers immediately began rerouting traffic and after about an hour things went back to normal.

There is no significant voice disruption anywhere in the US except for a small part of our Sprint network in the Washington, DC area. That has since been resolved and had no relation to the SMS disruption.”

Looks like all is well now except a lot of people online are still complaining about issues.


AT&T Needs More Network, Less Blah Blah Blah

I watched the new AT&T commercial last night poking fun at Verizon for Verizon’s lack of being able to make a call and use data simultaneously. AT&T is really having to dig deep to try and convince users to stay with AT&T.

There is such a small market segment that would use voice and data simultaneously. It appears AT&T just wants to confuse users into thinking it is something they must have when in reality for the majority of people they don’t. Read more

AT&T's Network Can't Handle CES

As friends and business associates arrived in Vegas we all noticed that AT&T’s network was not going to be able to handle the CES crowd.

The failures started with delayed text messages and failed calls but during the height of the show it was not unusual to have no data connection and full signal bars. Read more

T-Mobile Pushing Out HSPA+ "4G"

Note: T-Mobile is throwing around the term 4G for their HSPA+ rollout but in reality HSPA+ is a 3G network technology even though it does provide 4G speeds. It appears 3G and 4G terminology is used more for marketing these days than actual technology being used.

T-Mobile has started announcing cities they have launched HSPA+ in and things are looking very good for users in those areas. As of today 30 million U.S. residents have access to their HSPA+ networks.

This includes people in the following areas:

  • Upstate New York (Albany, Buffalo, Rochester and Syracuse),
  • Connecticut (Hartford, New Haven, Milford and Stamford)
  • Providence, R.I.
  • Philadelphia Read more