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Powermat To Provide Wireless Charging In Your Daily Life

Powermat, the leader in wireless power technology, is paving the way for the future of wireless charging to impact a surface near you. From the announcement of a groundbreaking deal with General Motors (GM) to wirelessly enable vehicles, to airports, offices, and even more of today’s most popular smartphones, Powermat is going where no wireless technology has gone before: into new venues designed to enhance the way consumers experience wireless energy in their everyday environments. Read more

Powermat Charges Into 2011

PowerMat stormed into Digital Experience (Pepcom) with a bang with showing off their 2nd line-up of wireless charging solutions. As the first generation seemed like it came and went, it has only been about a year since PowerMat launched and within that year they managed to take the idea of wireless charging to a whole new level.

PowerMat took a whole new approach and made things easier with a slimmer, sleeker and form Read more

Powermat's 2010 Roadmap: Too Early To Crown Them? I Don't Think So!

As promised, we made sure to visit Powermat during CTIA to catch up with our friends during the show and see what they’ve brought to the table. To be perfectly honest, there really wasn’t anything new that impressed. Well, not to us anyway. We already saw their roadmap into the near future at CES back in January. The difference now is that we’ve been given the green light to share the knowledge with our loyal readers! What was taboo to speak of before is now fair game; complete with photos of our private tour!

If you missed our previous article which reviewed the Powermat product, it is essentially the premier wireless charging solution for all your favorite small electronics. Imagine the ability to simply rest your device on a mat and have it begin a charge and notify you when it is done; completely free of wires. This is what Powermat delivers. If you ever felt that Powermat was a one trick pony in the wireless race, boy, are you in for a treat! Read more

Powermat Wireless Charging Solution

Powermat is a company pioneering its way into the future of our wireless charging solutions. They’ve released their product less than one year ago in October of 2009 and the industry has been buzzing ever since. Powermat offers the consumer the option of wirelessly charging up to three of their personal electronic devices simply by dropping them on to a mat; resolving the issue of tangled wires. Its sleek and elegant design, in my opinion, clearly gives it an advantage over competitors such as WildCharge and Duracell’s myGrid.

During CES this past January I was fortunate enough to receive a private tour of Powermat’s current lineup as well as some information on exciting new items to be added in the near future. I’m pleased to say that they have done their homework. They’ve listened to the consumer, to the demand, and to the market; and the direction they are taking their products is one in which I very strongly support. Read more