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RIM Pulls an HP, All Playbooks on Sale

In one of the oddest sale pricing strategies I’ve ever seen, RIM has slashed the prices on all models of the Blackberry Playbook to $299. That’s right, the 16gb is the same price as the 32GB model is the same price as the 64GB model. With a savings of $400 on the 64GB model, this may be the time to buy if you were actually interested in the Playbook. If you are just looking for an inexpensive 7″ tablet, you might be better off checking out the Kindle Fire or Nook Color, priced at $199 each all the time.

The RIM online store seems to be slammed, so it’s pretty hit or miss if you can snatch one up right now before all the 64GB models are gone.

via [Gizmodo]

T-Mobile Is Prepping For Another All Hands Day

T-Mobile is gearing up for another “All Hands Day” sale that will be taking place November 19th.

“To continue to make the latest wireless Internet services accessible and even more affordable, and to support T-Mobile customer needs during an anticipated high-volume day, retail store managers need to schedule November 19 as an all-hands day.”

T-Mobile’s last All Hands Day wasn’t too long ago so it should be interesting to see what they have in store for us this time around. Wouldn’t a Galaxy Nexus be great?


T-Mobile Offering Windows Phone HD7 For $99

Looking for a great deal on a Windows Phone 7 device? T-Mobile is offering the HTC HD7 for $99 with upgrade or new 2 year contract.

I have always liked the size of the HD7 even before release. We are not sure how long this deal will last but it is the lowest we have seen so if you have been thinking about an HD7 now is the time. Read more

T-Mobile Offering Bluetooth Rebates

T-Mobile has a variety of Bluetooth accessories available and is offering a $25 mail-in-rebate. You have until January 31 to take advantage of this offer  stop by your local T-Mobile corporate owned store and check out the assortment of Bluetooth devices available. Read more