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T-Mobile Is Promising More Un-carrier Moves in 2015

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T-Mobile CEO, John Legere is bringing in the New Year by giving us eight reasons on how the Un-carrier continues to lead the pack in putting the needs of consumers first and foremost. Below are the eight reasons:

1. The wireless revolution has not only been sparked, it’s become a movement- and its not slowing down, its speeding up….to warp speed.

2. We’ll go toe-to-toe with Verizon’s network almost everywhere … and win.

3. The competition will continue to bumble along.

4. Wearables and phablets will be the big device stories of 2015 (and maybe some connected cars!).

5. I’ll be in conversation with nearly 2M Twitter followers (at the very least 1.5M…) by the end of the year.

6. DC is going to be very busy on regulatory issues for the Wireless Industry. Like it or not!

7. MetroPCS will pull even further ahead of the prepaid pack.

8. We’ll bring Un-Carrier to whole new groups of people.

There you have it, eight reasons as to why T-Mobile feels they will continue to lead the pack.


T-Mobile Offering White Nexus 4

white-nexus-4-tmobileT-Mobile officially started offering the white Nexus 4 along with its availability on the Google Play Store. T-Mobile is offering it for $19.99 down and $17 a month for 24 months ($427.99)

Google is offering the same device direct for a one time payment of $349 plus tax. Google is defiantly the cheaper route if you don’t mind paying for the device upfront.

The Nexus 4 in white has no change in specs from the original Nexus 4.

You can view the device at T-Mobile via this link and at the Google Play Store via this link.

MetroPCS Shareholders Agree To Merge With T-Mobile

Merge Ahead

The final piece of the puzzle has been put together as MetroPCS stockholder agreed to the merge with T-Mobile. After going through many obstacles from the Department of Justice and FCC, everything is now set for T-Mobile and MetroPCS to move forward as one.

Today Deutsche Telekom put out a release applauding MetroPCS shareholders for approving the merge.

“This is a major step for Deutsche Telekom,” said Rene Obermann, CEO of Deutsche Telekom Group. “We have accomplished a lot in the USA recently, for example our network modernization and the new T-Mobile USA management team, which has seen considerable success. And we have finalized the contracts with Apple and MetroPCS. The merger with MetroPCS is extremely important, since it enables us to be more aggressive in the USA.”

For more information on what this means to current MetroPCS customers, follow this link.


MetroPCS Shareholders Advised To Vote Against T-Mobile Merger

TMO Metro

T-Mobile is waiting for April 12th to arrive, as that is the day MetroPCS shareholders will vote for whether to approve the merger.

Institutional Shareholder Services (ISS) is an organization that advises major shareholders how they should vote when it comes to corporate elections and they have advised that MetroPCS owners should vote against the T-Mobile merger.

“In light of the negative market response to this transaction (shares are down 14.4 percent since announcement), the lower equity split than justified by the contribution of PCS to the combined entity, and the potential for PCS to continue to thrive as a standalone company, shareholders should vote against this transaction,” ISS wrote in its note to investors.

We already know John Paulson was against this merger from the beginning as he already felt that T-Mobile was getting the better end of the deal. Paulson put out a statement “If Deutsche Telekom wants to get MetroPCS shareholder support, we suggest Deutsche Telekom significantly reduce the debt they are taking back and/or dramatically increase MetroPCS’s pro forma share of the combined company.”

This may not be what T-Mobile wants to hear at the moment, but nothing is set in stone. Again, the merger is left in the hands of shareholders and we will find out come April 12th.


T-Mobile Announces iPhone 5 and New Plans

TMO Homepage

This morning T-Mobile held their Un-Carrier Event, but before things took off the carrier started flipping on their 4G / LTE network in 7 major cities before the official announcement.

T-Mobile talked it’s “Simple Choice plan” which eliminates annual service contracts for consumers and allows them to move to one simple rate plan that offers unlimited text, talk and web.

With the new Simple Choice plans customers start with one line at $50 a month and receive unlimited talk, text and web with 500MB of data. A second line will cost you an additional $30 a month and each line after will cost you $10. If you feel 500MB isn’t enough (it isn’t), you can pay an additional $10 per line for 2GB of data. Unlimited 4G / LTE data is available for $20 more a month per line. Read more

T-Mobile To Start Switching On LTE

TMobile LTE

T-Mobile is gearing up to flip the switch on their LTE network. Today they began pushing out software updates for Android version 4.1.2/ Software T889UVBMB4 for the Samsung Galaxy Note II. The new update introduces LTE support along with other improvements for the device.

Joining the Galaxy Note II on T-Mobile’s 4G / LTE will be the BlackBerry Z10. In testing the LTE network Laptop Magazine is showing download speeds of 58.8 Mbps and uploads at 25.5 Mbps. Keep in mind those numbers are from a tower not under any type of load so probably wont be real world numbers when LTE goes live.

The software update will take place OTA (Over The Air) and if you want to read more about the update you can follow this link.

LTE will go live first in Las Vegas, NV and Kansas City. The plan is to cover 100 million people by mid 2013 and 200 million by years end.


BlackBerry Z10 Available In the U.S. From 1SaleADay


I woke up this morning to do my daily browsing of discount sites and was more than a little shocked to see the BlackBerry Z10 listed for $629.99. I am not sure why BlackBerry would make a move like this. I can’t imagine their U.S. carrier partners being happy about the device being made available without contract prior to release.

If you are inclined to order one just keep in mind my experience with the site is about a two week turn around between ordering and delivery. The item is listed as new and will work on any U.S. GSM carrier such as T-Mobile and AT&T.

You can follow this link to find out more or order. You have 11 hours left to order. Keep in mind you will need to register to see the sale but it only takes a minute.

BlackBerry Z10 To Hit T-Mobile March 27 and Verizon March 28


After just posting what looks like the launch date for the iPhone on T-Mobile we also received word that the BlackBerry Z10 will be available in T-Mobile stores starting March 27. This would keep with T-Mobile wanting to be the first carrier to offer the device.

We are also told that Verizon will launch it the following day, March 28. This all fits perfectly into the block out dates for time off from March 24 through April 5 imposed by T-Mobile on their employees.