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Amazon Cloud Player Version 2.0 Optimized For iPad


Amazon has updated their Amazon Cloud Player to version 2.0 for iOS users. The new version has been redesigned to be compatible with Apple’s iPad and iPad Mini. The update also brings a new interface for users and adds a new setting that allows you to configure the size of the cache that is used for storing your music locally.

If you’re not familiar with Amazon Cloud Player, users are able to upload their music to a cloud service and stream it directly to their iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. Cloud Player even scans your music library, searches for matches in the Amazon library and upgrades your files to a high quality copies much like Apple’s iTunes Match.

The free version of Amazon Cloud Player allows users can import up to 250 songs for free. Music purchased from Amazon does not count in the 250 song limit. If your library is bigger than that you’ll need to purchase a premium account, which is $25 a year and allows your library to contain up to 250,000 songs.


Facebook Update For iPhone Allows Free Phone Calls In U.S. And Canada

Facebook Calls

Facebook for iPhone received an update today that added the features from the standalone Facebook messenger app. If you have a U.S. or Canada based Facebook account you can make free phone calls to your Facebook friends from the message screen. In addition a new button design allows for easier liking, commenting and sharing posts in the news feed.

Facebook Button

To make a Facebook call, simply tap on a friends name in the chat menu, tap the information button and another screen will appear allowing you the option to make a call if the other party is available


Scout For iPhone Adds Location Sharing

Scout Logo

Scout for iPhone users, just keeps getting better as an update to the app has been released that allows users to share their location with family and friends and also send turn-by-turn navigation.

If you want to share your location you can with a tap on your iPhone screen. You can choose to share via text message, e-mail or Facebook.

photo 1

The best part about sharing your location with family or friends is that they don’t have to have the Scout app. The shared location has a link to Scout’s HTML5 browser-based turn by turn navigation. As long as the person you are sending the location data to has a smartphone with iOS, Android or Windows Phones they can fully interact

“We’re always on the go – whether it’s our morning drive to work, taking our kids on an adventure for the weekend, or going out with our friends,” said Dariusz Paczuski, general manager of Scout at Telenav. Being able to easily discover local bands and venues, share them with our friends, tell our friends that we’re on our way, and know when they’ll arrive, are great examples of how we’re focused on making Scout even more helpful and more personal for each of our users.”

photo 3

The update will also allow for you to share your ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival) by sending out a text message through the app when you set your route. Scout even takes into account real-time traffic data.

TeleNav also updated their homepage so that it is easier for users to search, save and share venues with family or friends. When saving favorites to your account they will also save on your Scout app for you to access later.

If you don’t have Scout, check out the video below to see how it works and you can follow this link to the App Store to download the app and check it out yourself.

Need A Last Minute Valentines Idea? Scout Has Your Back


Our friends at Scout have posted a slot machine of Valentines Do’s and Don’ts. Head over to this link and take your spin and leave with a few ideas and some great advice of what not to do.

After three spins Scout will direct you to a list of local ideas for today. Enjoy the day and get out.

Be sure to download Scout for iOS or Android to get you around town tonight with free turn by turn voice navigation.

MailBox App for iOS Is Down (Update: Sync Restored)


The much hyped app MailBox for iOS is currently having issues delivering mail. The company has been fielding individual questions via Twitter, simply stating they know about the issue and are working on it. You are still able to get push notifications about new mail, but when you open your mailbox you are greeted with “Having trouble connecting, Please try again soon”.

We reached out to Mailbox earlier and they stated they are working to have a status page available soon for us to look up any services issues and are aware of the issues.

For now jump on GMail or back to the built in mail client on your iPhone.

We will update this article and sent an alert on our Twitter account when service is restored. If you are currently waiting inline to get into the service, take the day off, head outside and have fun.

 Update 2: Current users are back online. They are still holding the line to make sure everything is operating correctly.

Update 1: Official Statement from Mailbox Team

We’re currently seeing intermittent issues with our servers syncing mail. We’ve paused filling reservations so that we can focus on a fix.

If you’re currently using Mailbox, you’re most likely seeing a message that says “Having trouble connecting, please try again soon.” Don’t worry, any messages that you take action on or any new emails you create should not be lost. Once we have resolved the issue your Mailbox will simply update and process all actions you’ve taken inside the app.

The team is working on resolving this now, and we’ll let you know as soon as we’re filling reservations again. We hope to get things moving shortly.

Thank you for your patience,

The Mailbox Team


Mailbox App For iOS Now Available


Developers Orchestra has released their much anticipated iOS app, Mailbox. The app is currently available for download in the App Store. To prevent the service from being overloaded they are staggering the launch. When you sign-up you are given a number that represents your place in line to activate the service. This staggered launch is allowing the developers to address bugs before the app is available to everyone and also make adjustments to their cloud storage while making sure all users have an enjoyable experience. The line is moving pretty fast to get in, I am in the 64,000 range and just watching myself move up in line.


Mailbox was designed for your Gmail inbox to be light, fast and mobile friendly. You are able to easily swipe messages to your archive or the trash, scan your entire conversation at once with chat-like organization and the able to snooze emails until later with just the tapping of a button. The snooze feature is what has us very interested. You read an email you want to address tomorrow, no problem just tap when you want to be reminded and you are all set. No switching apps or flags.

If you haven’t signed up yet, you can follow this link to Mailbox. If you want to get in on the early stages I suggest you get signed up fast. You can also watch the promotional video below that briefly touches on the features build into Mailbox.

Glide The Video Walkie Talkie For iPhone

Glide Image

What do you get when you take the idea of a push to talk, video chat and an iPhone? You get Glide, the world’s first video walkie talkie type of service that allows you to keep in touch through short video messages.

Glide Beta 2

Glide allows you to broadcast up to 42 seconds and if your family or friends are on-line, they can watch you broadcast in real time and respond quickly. If they aren’t able to watch the video right away they are able to go back through the chat history and watch the video.

Glide messages are saved to Glide’s cloud, which is perfect because you don’t have to worry about space being taken up on your phone or iCloud. You’re even able to create group chats or add friends and family to an existing chat.

Glide Friends

You can take a look at the video below for more information on Glide. If you want to check out the app go to to sign up for the beta.

Vine For iOS Becomes Instant Porn Hit

There is a new Twitter owned app named Vine that was just recently released in Apple’s App Store that has many raising an eyebrow in the short time the app has been live. Vine is a video-sharing app that allows you to shoot up to six seconds of footage (like an animated GIF) and share it with followers on Twitter and Facebook.

The issue is that Vine allows for pornography clips to be shared and one of the pornography videos was accidentally placed in the Editor’s Picks section of the mobile app.

In a statement to CNN about the porn issue in the Editor’s Pick, Vine said, “A human error resulted in a video with adult content becoming one of the videos in Editor’s Pick, and upon realizing this mistake we removed the video immediately.”

Vine is only available for iOS users and with such content that has been displayed with the app, questions have been asked as to why Apple hasn’t pulled the plug on the app. Just recently Apple banned the app 500px which featured artistic images of nudity, but because it gave users access to sexual content it got canned.

It’s surprising Apple would have double standards in a situation like this because compared to the 500px app I would take art any day over pornography clips. It’s also shocking that the app hasn’t been pulled as Vine is rated 12+ on iTunes for infrequent/ mild sexual content or nudity. I didn’t realize it’s okay for a 12 year old to be exposed to pornography videos when they haven’t even had a talk about the birds and the bees.

Vine is community monitored, a clip isn’t marked as “adult” content until enough people report it. Which means many people must be exposed to the image, including children until enough people flag it.

So Apple, can you please explain this doubt standard? I am with many at a loss as to how Apple makes these decisions.

Update: Vine has banned some hashtag searches to help with the problem but it took us 5 seconds to run across porn with this new filter.

Instagram Reports 90 Million Active Users



For the first time ever, Instagram has released their user statistics. The app is currently home to 90 million users and 40 million pictures per day. We assumed that these numbers would be much lower following the apps policy change in December that would allow pictures uploaded to the app to be used in advertising. After an enormous uproar and many of the apps users threatening to drop the app and resort to an alternative one, Instagram returned to their original policy.

Accompained by the 40 million pictures being uploaded daily Instagrams 90 million users are liking those pictures at a rate of 8,500 per second and 1,000 comments per second as well. This disclosure should finally silence the rumors that Instagram usage was falling rapidly.

AllThingsD notes use of the app is actually up ten percent from December to January — Instagram’s Kevin Systrom also tells the site that the company “continues to see very strong growth around the world.”

Instagram is currently available on both iOS and Android devices.