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Skype Rolling Out Video Message Feature


Skype began rolling out a video message feature that allows you to sent a video of up to 3 minutes to your Skype contacts. Think of it as video voicemail. It is being made available for Android, iPhone / iOS and the Mac platform. You read that correctly, no Windows Phone support. It seems Microsoft owning Skype doesn’t mean Windows Phone is included in the first round.

While this is a nice add on you are limited to only sending 20 of these videos before needing to upgrade to a premium account. I really think this wont be a widely used feature as it is easy and free to send video in apps such as Tango.

Look for this update to show up over the next week.

AT&T Planning To Charge For FaceTime Over Cellular?

If the screen shot posted by 9to5Mac turns out to be true, AT&T will be gearing up for a user revolt like they have never seen before.

The error message displayed on an iPhone 4s running iOS 6 beta 3 show an ominous message. “FaceTime over Cellular, To enable FaceTime over cellular on this account, contact AT&T at 611 or visit..”

Could it really be that Apple sets FaceTime free and AT&T steps in to charge its users on top of standard data? This is a developing story and we will let you know what AT&T has to say.

It is possible this person has a data plan that AT&T has decided wont support FaceTime, such as a 300 MB or an unlimited plan. If AT&T does decide to make this a premium feature Tango and Skype will be easy free stand-ins.


Skype To Acquire GroupMe

Facebook bought Beluga and now Skype is working to improve it’s mobile presence by purchasing GroupMe. If you are not familiar with GroupMe it is a very popular group messaging client that allows users to IM, conference call, share photos, video and location easily.

This acquisition will allow Skype to quickly add addition features to it’s Skype client and provide a more robust mobile Skype chat client. If you want to try GroupMe it is available in the app stores for iOS, Android and BlackBerry.

Skype For iPad Finally Available

Skype for iPad has finally hit the app store. This version of Skype has a very clean, easy to use interface. The biggest advantage with Skype is that it is cross platform. You can communicate with iOS, Android, PC and Mac users, and maybe one day the BlackBerry PlayBook. As much as I like FaceTime from Apple,

Skype has made video calling to virtually anyone free and simple. Calls can be made over 3G but we really suggest Wi-Fi for the best video call experience.

You can read more about Skype for via this link or download to your iPad directly via this link.

Fring Brings 4-Way Video Calls To iPad

Fring has released their video calling solution for iPad which enables up to 4 people to simultaneously talk and share video. While the quality does not seem as good as what you get via FaceTime, which does not support multiple video chats, I am still impressed with the service and application.

Fring is a application that is simple to use and is solid. Fring does offer additional services such as voice calls (VoIP) at affordable rates. Go grab the app and get video chatting.

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Google Launching Android Video Chat

Google took a major step today in bringing a “native” video chat application to Android devices. The Nexus S is the first device to get the new application. The system is launching allowing you to voice and video chat with any Google Talk user.

Google will be making the video chat app available to Android users running Android 2.3 and above soon.

A few cool features are a pause video during your chat but leave the audio portion of the chat going. You are also able to overlay text chat over the top of the video call.

Video after the break.

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Skype For iPhone Updated, Allows Video Calling

If you are an iPhone 4 and Skype user, Skype may have just made your day. Last night Skype was updated to version 3.0 that now allows video calling using either the front or rear facing camera.

This has been a feature long sought after since the front facing camera appeared. The video and call quality seem good even on 3G. Read more

Yahoo! Messenger For iPhone Now Supports Video Calling

Yahoo! is rolling out the latest version of Yahoo! Messenger App for iPhone, now available on the Apple App Store.

One of the many new features rolling out with this version is the ability to make free video and voice calls with Yahoo! Messenger contacts.  Yahoo! is the first major player to offer these features on the iPhone 3Gs or 4.0, and has made the application network-agnostic, offering the calls on either 3G and Wi-Fi networks. Read more