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Skype Rolling Out Video Message Feature


Skype began rolling out a video message feature that allows you to sent a video of up to 3 minutes to your Skype contacts. Think of it as video voicemail. It is being made available for Android, iPhone / iOS and the Mac platform. You read that correctly, no Windows Phone support. It seems Microsoft owning Skype doesn’t mean Windows Phone is included in the first round.

While this is a nice add on you are limited to only sending 20 of these videos before needing to upgrade to a premium account. I really think this wont be a widely used feature as it is easy and free to send video in apps such as Tango.

Look for this update to show up over the next week.

BlackBerry Now Allows For Free WiFi Calling Via BBM

This seems to be a week for BlackBerry news. First we get word that BlackBerry 10 will officially be launched on January 30th, 2013, and today we find out that BBM Voice has launched on BBM 7. For those of you using BlackBerry 6 OS or higher, head on over to the Beta Zone and sign up for the BBM 7 beta.

BBM Voice allows BBM users to call other BBM users via WiFi for free voice calling. This is a fantastic option for making international calls. Honestly, this kind of feature actually makes me want to pick up a BlackBerry again and check it out. RIM made a good move here and gave current customers a cool feature to try and keep them hooked until the BlackBerry 10 launch. I just wonder if the carriers will somehow try and find a way to charge for this.

For the full details on BBM Voice, check out the RIM Press Release.

Skype For iOS Updated

Skype for iOS has been updated today. This update includes a redesigned user-interface for contacts and messages. While iPhone and the iPad version both received updates the iPad version lacks the redesigned contacts and message area.

What’s New in Version 4.0

  • Ability to move own video preview
  • App auto restarts if unexpectedly shut down
  • Improved accessibility
  • Improved stability
  • Updated design for contacts and messages
  • New sign in screen
  • Other minor UI improvements
  • Bug fixes



Skype To Acquire GroupMe

Facebook bought Beluga and now Skype is working to improve it’s mobile presence by purchasing GroupMe. If you are not familiar with GroupMe it is a very popular group messaging client that allows users to IM, conference call, share photos, video and location easily.

This acquisition will allow Skype to quickly add addition features to it’s Skype client and provide a more robust mobile Skype chat client. If you want to try GroupMe it is available in the app stores for iOS, Android and BlackBerry.

Fring Brings 4-Way Video Calls To iPad

Fring has released their video calling solution for iPad which enables up to 4 people to simultaneously talk and share video. While the quality does not seem as good as what you get via FaceTime, which does not support multiple video chats, I am still impressed with the service and application.

Fring is a application that is simple to use and is solid. Fring does offer additional services such as voice calls (VoIP) at affordable rates. Go grab the app and get video chatting.

Screen shots after the break. Read more

Skype To Go Service Expands

Skype makes communicating easier and cheaper for family and friends to connect. Skype offers Instant Messaging, SMS, voice calls and video chat across all major computer and mobile platforms.

Skype’s new Skype To Go service is a new way for you to keep connected with loved ones and close friends no matter the distance, cell phone or landline. Read more

Line2 Now Available On Android

I was introduced to Line2 a while ago on iPhone and fell in love with its ease of use and call quality. Yesterday Toktumi announced that Line2 is now supported on Android devices.
Line2 adds a second line to your smartphone.  The app allows you to make phone calls and send texts even when you don’t have cell reception via Wi-Fi. Read more

Verizon Announces 4G LTE Smartphones, Tablets and Hot Spot

Below is  a quick run-down on the new 4G LTE devices. Complete reviews and specs to come. Verizon also announced theat 70% of Southern California (15 million users) are now covered by 4G LTE service. Read more

Skype For iPhone Updated, Allows Video Calling

If you are an iPhone 4 and Skype user, Skype may have just made your day. Last night Skype was updated to version 3.0 that now allows video calling using either the front or rear facing camera.

This has been a feature long sought after since the front facing camera appeared. The video and call quality seem good even on 3G. Read more

Skype For iPhone Allowing Free 3G Calls For Now

If you are an avid Skype user like we are the Skype 2.0 update available today for iPhone is going to make you very happy.

I guess Apple, Skype and AT&T finally came to an agreement on allowing VoIP on the 3G. There is an ominous warning when you go to download Skype in the app store. It states, “Skype-to-Skype calls on 3G are free until at least the end of August 2010 after which there will be a small monthly fee.” Read more