Google Wallet Launches, Buys A Coke, Gets Served

Google has teamed up with Sprint to introduce Google Wallet a new payment system that allows you to make payments right from your Sprint Nexus S. The Nexus S was chosen for launch and Google will be rolling out Wallet to more Android devices soon.

One of the ways you can use Google Wallet is to quickly purchase a soda from a a vending machine by simply selecting the beverage of your choice, hold your phone lightly against the reader pad and wait for your soda to dispense.  Read more

T-Mobile Increases The Price Of The G2x

The G2x disappeared from T-Mobile last week and T-Mobile stated it was due to a lack of inventory. I don’t know about you but I would not pull a product because it was in high demand. There have been many comments and post about issues with the device including Wi-Fi issues, reboots and overheating.

The device is still listed as out of stock but per a memo TMoNews got their hands on when it does return it is going to cost $50 more to own. When inventory is able to keep up with the high demand you will need to fork over $249 and two years of service to get your hands on the G2x. Read more

Amazon Updates AppStore To Stop Accidental Purchases

The Amazon AppStore is rolling out an update tonight that will address a problem I think we have all experienced regardless of where you purchase apps from. The issue is accidental purchases by clicking on the purchase button by accident.

iTunes has a safeguard of asking for a password after you choose to purchase but any subsequent purchases during that session a password is not required, which has resulted in unintended purchases on my part and remember there are no refunds in the iTunes store.

The Amazon update now requires you to confirm your purchase before it actually is completed. Look for this update tonight.

T-Mobile Sidekick Service Ends Next Week

Time is running out if you are a SideKick owner still running on the Microsoft / Danger servers. This service will reach it’s end of life on May 31 and your SideKick will revert to being a basic phone with only text messaging capability.

T-Mobile has provided tools to save all of your data off the servers but remember you only have until the end of June and then your data is lost forever. The new Android based SideKick has been selling well for T-Mobile so if you are still running an old device you may want to plan your move soon and not wait until the 31st.

WatchESPN App For iOS Devices

If you are a sports fan you are going to love the WatchESPN app that is available for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. You are able to watch the channels live on your device. The interface is very easy to use and the program is very responsive.

The only downside is the limited number of cable operators supporting the app at this time. You must have TV or Internet service through one of the following providers to take advantage of this app. Bright House, Time Warner, Verizon FiOS or Verizon High Speed Internet.

Screenshots after the break. Read more

HTC Makes Bold Move – No More Locked Bootloaders

HTC really stepped up to the plate today and announced that it has decided to change policy and not lock down the bootloaders on their devices moving forward. This is a great move that will defiantly gain them a lot of credit with Android users.

Motorola made a similar move about a month ago but with the stipulation they would leave it up the the carriers which was nothing more than a political move to help mute the users complaining about the issue. Motorola needs to step up and just unlock their bootloader as well. Read more

Blockbuster Says Screw You To Rooted Android Users

A few days ago we told you about Google blocking their movie rental service to rooted Android users. Today it has become apparent that rooted users are untrustworthy pirates of digital media as Blockbuster has imposed the same restrictions banning rooted devices from being able to use their movie rental service.

So the conclusion of these actions seem to be clear, if you root your device you are obviously going to steal digital media. Rooting is just a gateway drug to committing felonies.

Screenshot after the break. Read more

64GB microSD Card Announced

A lot of people have been waiting a long time for a 64GB microSD card. While we can’t say you can run out and buy one today it appears the availability of the card should be soon.

Kingmax has announced that they have developed a 64GB model to satisfy the storage using masses. I know a number of people that have 32GB models in their Android devices and have them maxed out forcing them to choose what media to sync over to their mobile device versus having everything with them. Read more