AT&T To Roll Out LTE To Five Cities

The President and CEO of AT&T Business Solutions, John Stankey announced at the Structure 2011 Conference the plan for launching their LTE “Real 4G” service in five cities. The first cities to find themselves wrapped up in AT&T LTE service will be Dallas, Houston, Chicago, Atlanta and San Antonio. Stankey also mentioned that AT&T plans to roll out their LTE service in 10 other markets by the end of year.

We anticipate a late June to mid July launch from what we have been hearing. There is also a lot of speculation as to what 4G phones if any will be available when the network goes live to the public. Carriers are notorious for only having data products available when a new data network launches. Read more

Samsung Galaxy 10.1 Tab Launching In A Few Days

We mentioned back in March that Samsung said, “The show must go on” and it looks like the Galaxy Tablet 10.1  is gearing up to arrive in a “few days” according to Samsung’s Facebook fan page. The Galaxy Tab has HD resolution (1280 x 800), 720p HD video, and is powered by Android 3.1 (Honeycomb).  Read more

Video Generator For BlackBerry

Video Generator version 3.0 is a desktop application for Windows that allows you to optimize movies for your BlackBerry devices. S4BB Limited has designed this app for users to watch movies while consuming less space and battery life giving you more space and time on your BlackBerry. 

A few other features you will find in this version of Video Generator besides optimizing videos is you’re able to convert movies so you’re able to watch them from your BlackBerry device or BlackBerry PlayBook. Formats that are included are MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, DivX, WMV1/2/3, RealVideo, SVQ and AVID. Read more

Navigating America Men vs. Women

Results of a recent national survey commissioned by TeleNav, Inc., one of the largest global wireless location-based services providers, indicate that when planning to hit America’s roadways for the beloved road trip, men and women have many, and sometimes differing, opinions as to what roles each member of the couple should fill.

From who normally drives, to who gets lost more, to who requires more “pit-stops,” the survey results provide insight into what is happening inside the cars of American couples as they hit the road.

Infographic and stats after the break. Read more

WordPress For iOS Updated – Quick Photo Added

WordPress for iOS makes it easier for bloggers to manger their blog right from their smartphone or tablet. The mobile version allows you to moderate comments, create posts, edit posts and even post pictures and video.

In the just released version 2.8 you will find that Automattic fixed the issues that were causing applications to crash, along with some other bug fixes. Read more

Opera Mini Browser For iOS Gets An Update

Opera Mini has been updated to version 6 and is available for iPhone, iPad and Touch devices running iOS 3 and above . Features that come with this update include faster speeds, up to six times faster browsing, data savings, speed dial which allows for you to get to your favorite website in a single tap, visual tabs and Opera link allowing you to sync your bookmarks and speed dial with your laptop, computer or another smartphone device.

Additional features in this release: Read more

QuickPic Provides A Fast Photo Gallery On Android

If you are looking for a photo gallery viewer and manager for Android you will probably want to check out QuickPic. It is a solid app and comes with everyone’s favorite price, free.

One of the biggest complaints I have with Android is that photo management is lacking and the built in gallery is slow. It looks like developers of QuickPic had the same frustrations and developed a solution.

In addition to a fast gallery experience QuickPic allows you to hide those embarrassing late night karaoke photos from people snooping on your device. You can select and hide individual photos from the gallery or entire folders with a quick action. Feature list and screenshots after the break. Read more

Google Blocks Movie Rentals On Rooted Android Devices

This falls into the category of let’s encourage more people to pirate media. Google has launched their movie rental service on Android 3.1 devices. (Honeycomb) but with one major flaw. That flaw is, if you have a rooted device you will be unable to rent a movie.

You will get an error message stating that the service is not available on rooted devices. I’m not sure what the thinking was here. All this does is stop legitimate users from renting movies. There are much easier ways of pirating media than via an Android device.

Chalk this one up to over paid media execs not thinking which is nothing new. For now you will not be able to use the rental service if rooted on 3.1. I guess the good news is not many users will experience this issue as Android tablets, let along those on 3.1 are in consumers hands. Read more