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Apple Release iOS 6.1.1 Update For iPhone 4S Users


Apple has pushed out an update for iOS, specifically for iPhone 4S users. This update addresses “cellular performance and reliability” issues resulting from the iOS 6.1 update.

If you have a 4S you can update by going to Settings > General > Software Update. You can also update via iTunes.



Apple Announces 128GB iPad 4


It what seemed to be hasty decision without a trip to a keynote event, Apple introduced their latest iPad 4 with 128GBs of storage via a press release. While 128GB is overkill for most people it does have a place in the market. More and more industries are switching to paperless solutions and the iPad is a perfect fit. Both designers working with large image files and doctors with MRI and Cat scans will benefit from the increased storage.

While most users can get away with their data in the cloud some people just don’t want to go that route. While I do use iCloud I have no interested in storing 128GBs in it because honestly Apple has a hard enough time restoring 2GBs.

The new iPad will be available starting February 5 for $799 for WiFi only and $929 for WiFi + Cellar. Sprint has confirmed that they will be carrying the new iPad at launch.

Click here to read the press release from Apple.



BlackBerry Monaco Shows Up Again

Back in February a video and pictures were leaked of the BlackBerry Monaco which was said to be RIM’s BlackBerry Storm 3. Now nearly six weeks later the Monaco has been spotted again, over at BGR.

The Monaco is said to not be falling into the Storm line-up and will be in its own league as potentially the BlackBerry Touch. Read more

BlackBerry Roadmap Leaked – OS 7.0 Coming

RIM has been working on some new BlackBerry devices that are going to hit later this year, but the most talked about device is the BlackBerry PlayBook. Unlike RIM’s BlackBerry handsets the PlayBook is going to be running QNX. Once QNX came into play that left us with one question in mind, when is QNX going to be running on BlackBerry smartphones? Read more

BlackBerry Apollo Information Leaked

Another leaked BlackBerry making its way into RIM’s smartphone line-up is the BlackBerry Curve Apollo that is not much different from the BlackBerry Dakota. You might even call it a sibling. Like the Dakota there isn’t a set launch date or pricing.

Listed below are specs of the Apollo:

-          480 x 360 Resolution screen (size unknown)

-          800 MHz Tavor Mg-1 CPU

-          512 MB RAM Read more

RIM Drafts A New Player; BlackBerry Dakota

BlackBerry maker Research In Motion has a new device warming up in the bullpen. This new BlackBerry is said to be named BlackBerry Dakota, I know what you’re thinking not your normal name for a BlackBerry right? The specs of Dakota will let you know that it’s a true BlackBerry with even more to offer. Read more