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Apple Approves 1 Millionth App

It appears Apple has approved its 1 millionth iOS app according to data from Appsfire. Currently there are 736,247 apps live in the store, 493,000 are paid apps and 159,000 of approved apps are games.

I am sure we will hear something official from Apple soon as they love to tout numbers like this. I would be very interested in knowing how many apps have been rejected since the start of the app store in 2008.




Last Week Of 2011 Sets App Download Record

Remember way back when Apple wasn’t sure apps were going to be a big thing and HTML 5 would rule the world? Well HTML 5 has progressed nicely but apps rule the world over HTML 5.

Between Christmas day December 25 and December 31 a record was set for app downloads. Android and iOS had combined app downloads of 1.2 billion as reported by Flurry Analytics. Over this same week over 20 million new iOS and Android devices were activated.

This explains why the app stores were so sluggish in the days around Christmas.

Apple Approves Tethering App That Circumvents Carrier Tethering Plans

Get it while you can. Apple officially approved a tethering application that circumvents your carrier. We are not sure what is going on here but the app works great. It does require a sync cable between your iPhone and PC or Mac to operate but gives you complete cellular data.

If you have an extra $15 grab it before Apple pulls it. You can get it in the app store via this link.

Amazon Offering App Store Credit To New Verizon Customers

Amazon wants to reward you when you purchase a Verizon Android based smartphone through them this week. The incentive on top of Amazon’s usually good prices on new activation cell phones is a $25 credit to their app store.

Amazon is planning on doing additional promotions in the future but until AT&T actually allows you to install 3rd party apps don’t be expecting any offers like this for them.

Facebook Messenger With Voice Calling

If you’re a Facebook users on the iPhone you may want to head to the App Store and download Facebook Messenger by Crisp App Ltd. This app brings a lot of add on features to the Facebook messenger. Complete list of features after the jump.  Read more

Apple Starts Dedicated App Store Twitter Account

Apple has opened a new Twitter account, @AppStore. It is nice to see Apple embracing social media a little more. I hope this account will be very active with informing iOS users of standout applications and maybe providing more info about new applications faster. Read more

Apple Hits 10 Billion App Downloads

As of today Apple has reached the 10,000,000 download mark. The lucky person downloading the 10 billionth application will receive a $10,000 iTunes credit . A few other companies got involved with $5,000 to $1,000 rewards if the 10 billionth app was theirs. Read more

Doodle Jump – Addicting Fun

We usually don’t write about games but I couldn’t help myself when I came across this application it helped me wind down from a day of work and act like a kid again, with hours of enjoyment, laughs and addiction.

The application is Doodle Jump, which has been named the winner of the 2010 “Apple Design Award” for excellence in design, user experience, innovation, performance, technology adoption and quality. Read more