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Apple Releases 12 Days Of Gifts App


Apple has realized their 12 Days of Gifts app. Starting December 26 through February 6, Apple will be gifting apps, books, movies and songs through the app. Think of it as 12 gifts from Apple over the holidays.

To take advantage of this, simply install the app on your iPhone or iPad. Be sure to enable push notifications when you open the app so you get alerts to the gifts.

You can install the app now via this link.

Apple Posts iOS 7 Adoption Stats


Apple updated their developer support center with the latest stats on iOS 7 adoption. As of December 1st, 2013, 74% of all iOS devices are running iOS 7. 22% are running iOS 6 and 4% are running an earlier version. This puts iOS 7 in-line to be the fastest adopted OS in Apples history. iOS 6 took six months to get to 83% and iOS 7 will surely surpass that milestone.

This fast adoption rate makes life easier for developers. They can develop new software with the latest and greatest features without having to incorporate support for legacy operating systems.

Android has a much harder time with user adoption. This isn’t because of a lack of interest. Android device manufactures  must produce a specific version of the OS for each device and carrier. After that is done it has to be tested by the carrier before the device manufacturer can push it out to their users.

Here are current Android adoption rates:

KitKat 1.1%

Jelly Bean 54.5%

Ice Cream Sandwich 18.2%

Gingerbread 24.1%

We will see a big jump in KitKat adoption as new devices are released over the next few months.

Source: Apple/Google

Apple Threatens And Takes Down Website That Helps Its Customers


Apple-tracker.com was shutdown tonight by a DMCA takedown notice. This widely popular, free service that allowed people to quickly check inventory at many Apple retail locations at once has been shuttered. You were able to check for iDevices in realtime and even sign-up for alerts when inventory was replenished.  It is a shame that Apple would shut this service down when they fail at providing anything even close to this type of tracking.

I guess making a product look as hard to get as possible adds to the Apple Fanboy culture.  I used this site to obtain an iPhone 5S. Apple should be buying this, not shutting it down. DMCA notice after the break. Read more

Apple Announces iPad Mini Retina and iPad Air


Apple announced new iPad models. The iPad Mini has gone Retina and the iPad has been renamed the iPad Air and lost some weight and size.

The iPad Air is keeping the same screen size of 9.7″, but they have shrunk the bezel by 43% allowing for a smaller form factor and shedding nearly a half pound of weight. This does mean that present cases will not work with the new design.

The iPad Mini has received the long anticipated Retina display it had been lacking.

Both devices now have the A7 processor and the improved iSight camera. Apple will be selling the devices online and in store beginning November 1st.

iPad Air pricing remains the same starting at $499 for 16GB, $599 for 32GB and $699 for 64GB. The iPad Mini has had a price increase. 16GB starts at $399, 32GB at $499 and 64GB at $599. Adding the cellular option adds $130 to the base price of both models.

The iPad 2 and original iPad Mini in 16GB models will be staying in the lineup as an entry level device. The iPad 2 will now sell for $399 and the Mini for $299.


iOS 7 Set To Crackdown On Unauthorized Lightning Cables?


Apple has added a warning when you plug an unauthorized charge / sync Lightning cable into your iPhone 5. The popup message states “This cable or accessory is not certified and may not work reliably with this iPhone.”

There has been talk that Apple may flip the switch in an iOS upgrade and stop allowing unauthorized Lightning connectors from connecting to devices. This would instantly kill the 3rd party gray market on lightning connectors and greatly help companies like Mophie who follow all the rules and pay licensing fees to Apple for the “Made For I” program. I will admit, I have a knock-off Mophie I obtained prior to their product being available.

The problem is Apple messed up at the launch of the iPhone 5. If they only wanted their connectors used they should have had that in place with manufacturers on launch day. They waited almost 60 days after the iPhone 5 launched to even meet with partners wanting to develop accessories with Lightning connectors. Doing so created a huge demand for knockoff / unauthorized products that are probably more prevalent than actual Made For I products.

I really don’t think Apple will enforce the Lightning connector issue by banning them as Apple is the source of the problem in the first place. It appears you will just have to dismiss a warning each time you plug your phone into a device you didm’t pay Apple Tax on.

Thank to Dacy for sending this in.



iOS 7 Features – Video


Apple has release a video detailing the new look and all the great features in iOS 7. He is a complete overview in 7 minutes and 34 seconds.


Apple By The Numbers – WWDC Stats 2013



Stats out of Apple’s World Wide Developer Conference this morning:


  • 6 million registered developers
  • 1.5 million new developers in the last year
  • 74% of mobile app revue comes from iOS
  • 50,000,000,000 App Store downloads
  • WWDC 2013 took 71 seconds to sell out
  • July is the 5th Anniversary for the Apple App Store
  • 900,000 apps in the App Store
  • 90% of apps are downloaded each month
  • 375,000 apps made specifically for iPad
  • 575 million iTunes / App Store accounts
  • 10 billion dollars paid to developers, 5 billion of that in the last year
  • 300 million iCloud accounts
  • 240 million Game Center users
  • 800 billion iMessages sent
  • 7.4 trillion push notifications sent
  • 600 million iOS devices sold
  • 93% of iOS devices are running iOS 6
  • 6% of iOS devices are running iOS 5
  • 97% satisfaction rate for iOS

Apple iOS 7 – Quick Look Photos


Here is a quick look at what iOS 7 looks like. We will have a post on features shortly.












Watch Apple Announce iOS 7 Live


Didn’t secure a ticket to Apple’s World Wide Developer Conference? You can watch the much anticipated keynote live starting at 10 A.M. Pacific.

Apple has decided to once again allow the keynote to stream live. In the past they had posted it in the evening after the keynote was completed.

While they are streaming the event they are only supporting Apple devices to watch it. This probably isn’t that big of a deal, because anyone who wants to sit through a Apple keynote probably owns an Apple product. The requirements are Safari 4 or later on a Mac running OS X 10.6 or later. For mobile you have to have iOS 4.2 or later installed. For Apple TV you need a second or third generation device.

Their is a lot of possibility in todays keynote. We know iOS 7 is a sure thing but everything else is up in the air. iRadio? iWatch?

If things like employment keep you from watching the event live, don’t worry. We will be posting and tweeting information from the event.

You can watch the event from the Special Event page setup by Apple via this link.

Tim Cook Gets “Grilled” By Senate


You either love Apple or you hate them. It was surprising that Tim Cook himself flew to Washington to answer questions about Apples huge stash of cash that is being held by subsidiaries outside of the United States. As always Jon Stewart from The Daily Show put together a great summary of clips highlighting the hearing.

It seems the Senate loves Apple from these clips. If you ever get called to testify, it might be a good idea to bring Tim Cook or someone they would know from Apple.