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Consumer Reports Rates Verizon As Best And AT&T As Worst, Again


Once again Verizon was the highest ranked mobile carrier in the U.S. but overall their satisfaction rating has dropped. The Consumer Reports survey was based off of voice / data service quality, staff knowledge and issue resolution. These results are based on polls from 63,250 subscribers.

The carriers all maintained their positions from last year with Sprint pulling in second place followed by T-Mobile and then AT&T. AT&T has a reputation of coming in dead last in this annual survey and we don’t see them instituting any changes to improve the scores anytime soon.

While AT&T did leave this satisfaction survey with a black eye, the respondents did give AT&T the highest score for their LTE network surpassing all of Verizon’s claims of biggest and best.

The complete results are available in the January 2013 Consumer Reports magazine or online via this link. (Subscription Required)


AT&T Ranks At The Bottom Again In Customer Satisfaction Survey

AT&T can’t seem to get anything right lately, their merge with T-Mobile is all but dead and once again they are the lowest rated carrier in customer satisfaction against T-Mobile, Sprint and Verizon.

The survey involved over 66,000 subscribers and asked about their service and customer-support experience. AT&T remained in their dead last position. Verizon was rated best, followed by Sprint and T-Mobile in third. At least if the AT&T – T-Mobile deal would have been approved they would have moved up to 3rd in rankings.

“Our survey indicates that subscribers to prepaid and smaller standard-service providers are happiest overall with their cell-phone service,” said Paul Reynolds, electronics editor for Consumer Reports. However, these carriers aren’t for everyone. Some are only regional, and prepaid carriers tend to offer few or no smart phones.The major carriers are still leading options for many consumers, and we found they ranged widely in how well they satisfied their customers.”

I am reminded about every two months how horrible AT&T customer service is when I have to call them. Their reps really just don’t seem to care. If you want a good laugh check out AT&T’s Facebook page. It is nothing more than thousands of customers complaining, even when they are offering specials and freebies. There has to be a point when you realize something is wrong. Maybe AT&T will realize it before it is too late.

If you’re a subscriber to Consumer Reports you can follow this link and see the full survey report.