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AT&T Kills Off A-List

AT&T continues to kill off extras for their customers. New customer or those changing plans will no longer have A-List available. If you are not familiar with A-List, it allowed you to list between 5 and 10 U.S. based landline or cellular numbers to call that did not count against your anytime minutes. Figuring most peoples heaviest use is only between a few numbers this feature really helped a lot of people out.

Customers currently on A-List are grandfathered so the only way to lose it would be to make a plan change. It is sad to see features continually dropped and prices remain the same. This is one reason i don’t want the AT&T / T-Mobile merger to go through.

How To Add Unlimited Mobile To Any Mobile To Your AT&T Account

After a few false starts overnight AT&T finally got the Unlimited Mobile to any Mobile feature listed and functional in their account management site.

To get this free feature added to your account visit www.att.com/anymobile. As soon as you login you will be taken directly to the features option for your phone plan. Read more