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Apple Posts iOS 7 Adoption Stats


Apple updated their developer support center with the latest stats on iOS 7 adoption. As of December 1st, 2013, 74% of all iOS devices are running iOS 7. 22% are running iOS 6 and 4% are running an earlier version. This puts iOS 7 in-line to be the fastest adopted OS in Apples history. iOS 6 took six months to get to 83% and iOS 7 will surely surpass that milestone.

This fast adoption rate makes life easier for developers. They can develop new software with the latest and greatest features without having to incorporate support for legacy operating systems.

Android has a much harder time with user adoption. This isn’t because of a lack of interest. Android device manufactures  must produce a specific version of the OS for each device and carrier. After that is done it has to be tested by the carrier before the device manufacturer can push it out to their users.

Here are current Android adoption rates:

KitKat 1.1%

Jelly Bean 54.5%

Ice Cream Sandwich 18.2%

Gingerbread 24.1%

We will see a big jump in KitKat adoption as new devices are released over the next few months.

Source: Apple/Google

Spotify To Launch Free Mobile Music Service


Spotify, which has been one of my goto sources for music, is planning on moving their computer based offerings to mobile devices. Spotify has offered mobile access but for a monthly fee. The Wall Street Journal is reporting they will be offer a mobile version, ad supported, at no cost, much like the computer based version.

If this all pans out Spotify mobile users will be able to enjoy unlimited radio style listening based off their likes, much like Pandora and some access to songs on demand. Licensing the songs on demand is what took almost a year to achieve. Rights holders and Spotify had to come up with a formula to pay for the music but still make a profit. Which can be tricky in this industry.

Currently Spotify has 6 million paying subscribers and 20 million active users, with a library topping 20 million songs. We will know more next week when Spotify holds their official event in New York.

This is a smart move for Spotify with the introduction of so many competitors such as iTunes Radio and Google’s Play Music, they need a competitive edge to pull in listeners.

If you want to check out Spotify’s offerings follow the appropriate link below. We will follow-up after the press announcement next week.

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Copy – 20GB Cloud Storage For Free


I know many mobile users struggle with storage space on their smartphones. I have run into this especially taking pictures. I have written about Dropbox in the past.  I used it for quickly accessible storage, but the free Dropbox account starts out with only 2GB of data for free and a maximum of 16GB through referrals.

Copy has entered the mix and for a limited time they are offering 15GB to start and 5GB for each referral you bring in. You can quickly get yourself 100GB of free, non expiring cloud storage. While Copy is being very generous during their launch phase you need to keep in mind all the features you may be use to in Dropbox may not be in Copy. The biggest thing missing for me, is that the iPhone version does not offer an automated upload of your camera roll. You can still choose photos to upload but you must select them. I have actually turned this into a benefit as I now choose pictures I really want to upload verses everything. Keeping my photo library much cleaner. The Android version does offer the option to upload all your photos.

I suggest you give Copy a try. You have nothing to lose and starting with 20GB of storage I bet you will find a use.

Signup via our link and get 20GB of storage to start. You will start with 15GB during signup and then once installed on a mobile device or computer you will be credited the extra 5GB.

Follow this link to signup.

Apple iOS 7 – Quick Look Photos


Here is a quick look at what iOS 7 looks like. We will have a post on features shortly.












Mailbox App for iPhone Finally Gets iPad Support


One of our favorite third party mail apps for iOS has finally been updated to support the iPad. You can see our original article on Mailbox via this link. You also no longer need an invitation to become a Mailbox user. You can download the update or install this great mailbox app via this link.





Google Now Available On iPhone And iPad

Google Now Logo

Today Google released Google Now on iOS. “The right information at just the right time”, states the demo video. From our experience with the Android version this is going to be a welcome addition to iOS.

Google Now gives you information at your fingertips, before you even ask for it. Google Now also gives you weather, traffic alerts, as well as live updates on sport scores, news, and updates on stories that you have been following. The more you use Google Now, the more relevant information it provides to you.

Google Now Image 2

Google Now is built into the Google Search app update and is available via this link from the app store.

Below is a video of Google Now and you can follow this link to download the app.

LookAway Player Brings Smart Pause to iPhone

lookaway_playerLookAway Player is an application designed for iOS users to give the same type of functionality as Samsung’s Smart Pause for the Galaxy S IV. The application is powered by Cube26′s vision capabilities, meaning you have the ability to pause a video when watching it with your eyes by simply looking away from the screen.

Besides being able to pause a video with eyes movement, LookAway Player also allows you to mute and unmute your video by making a Shh gesture.



LookAway Player works with the iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPad 2, iPad 3, iPad 4 and iPad Mini. If you want to check out LookAway Player and download the app for free you can follow this link.




Man Loses iPad On Plane – Woman Using It Sparks Internet Manhunt


Allen Engstrom did what many people accidental do, he left his iPad out for someone else to find. Anyone who loses an electronic device knows there is not much you can do other than beat yourself up over it and go purchase a new one. Engstrom left his iPad on a flight from Phoenix to Denver last month. Upon realizing his mistake he wrote the iPad off and moved on.

A month later Engstrom’s son was playing with his phone and asked who the women in the pictures was. To everyones surprise his iPad was updating his Photo Stream with the new users self-portraits. Read more

Quick Review: LifeProof iPhone Fre and iPad Nuud

Lifeproof freLifeProof has been in the case game for a few years now. They advertise their cases as being water, dirt, snow, and shock proof. I caught up with the folks at LifeProof at CES this year and took a look at what they had to offer now. They graciously sent me some review samples to put through the paces. This review has been a long time coming, but I wanted to be fair and honest with it, so I used both cases for over a month before deciding to jot down my thoughts. Well, here it goes…

Read more

iPhone 5S Could Arrive In August


When it comes to Apple releasing new devices the company is usually on point with sticking to their production cycle. According to rumors Apple is looking to release the iPhone 5S this summer, in the August time frame.

With the iPhone 5S it’s said to have the same design as the iPhone 5, but with a better processor and improved camera. That isn’t shocking considering Apple’s history of S devices.

There is also talk about an April launch for the next generation iPads. There hasn’t been much talk about either the iPad 5 or iPad Mini 2, other than back panel leaks.