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Take A Look At The Microsoft Surface Pro From The Inside

Surface Pro 2

The Microsoft Surface Pro has only been available for a few days and the team over at iFixit has already taken the $900 tablet / laptop apart. There were over 90 screws that were removed, which lead iFixit to rate the repairing a 1 (most difficult) out of 10 (easy). Even upgrading the SSD card would cause you problems, as there are a number of cables to deal with.

So, handle your Surface Pro with care! You can take a look at some images of the device completely gutted.

Surface Pro


Surface Pro 3

The Making Of Microsoft Surface

Microsoft released a short overview video on the making of Surface. It is just another tease leading up to the October 26 launch.

Microsoft Airs First Surface Tablet Commercial

After watching Microsoft’s first ad for Surface I can tell you two things. The keyboard makes a loud noise when docking and you must be a dancer to use one. The ad actually looks more like a trailer for the next Step Up movie. All kidding aside Microsoft shows you nothing about the actual features of the product that releases on October 26. I am sure this ad will be short lived and more informational ads will be forthcoming.

Microsoft Enters Licensing Agreement With BlackBerry Maker Research In Motion [Updated]


Developing news, Microsoft has entered into a licensing agreement with RIM. This can go a number of ways. We are calling our contacts and will let you know as soon as we do.


RIM has licensed exFAT from Microsoft to allow them to store files up to five times larger on their devices memory and SDCards. This will allow easy handling of media files and large presentations when BlackBerry 10 is eventually released. Full press release below.

REDMOND, Wash. Sept. 18, 2012 Microsoft Corp. announced today that Microsoft and Research In Motion (RIM) have signed a patent licensing agreement that gives RIM broad access to the latest Extended File Allocation Table (exFAT) for certain BlackBerry devices of RIM. exFAT is a modern file system from Microsoft that facilitates large files for audiovisual media and enables seamless data portability and an easy interchange between desktop PCs and other electronic devices. Read more

Microsoft OneNote Hits The iPad

In January of last year Microsoft launched OneNote for the Apple iPhone, something we had to see to believe. Was Microsoft bringing Microsoft Office to Apple’s mobile device platform? Unfortunately the answer is no, we are two weeks from the end of the year and Microsoft has done nothing besides bring OneNote from the iPhone to the iPad.

OneNote looks awesome on the iPad’s large screen, but there is a large setback. You’re limited to 500 notes before you have to pay $15. OneNote for the iPhone has the same limitation, except after you reach your 500 note limit, you only have to pay $5 to continue with note taking. Even if you have deleted old notes you no longer need, you will still be required to pay after the 500 notes. OneNote keeps a count of how many notes you have created.

The real question is when or if Microsoft will release Office in all its glory to the iPad and iPhone?

Microsoft Holding Windows Phone Events In 5 Cities

Microsoft is asking their fans to “Spend the Night with Windows Phone” as the company is having events in New York City (Nov. 7th and 8th), Chicago (Nov.11th and 12th), Dallas (Nov. 16th and 17th), Los Angeles (Nov. 30th and Dec. 1st) and San Francisco (Dec. 6th and 7th).

“The hottest devices deserve the coolest party. Be the first to see why everyone is buzzing about the latest Windows Phones and catch special performances from bands on the rise. It’s our treat, but space is limited.”

The event is free and open to anyone, but you must have a Facebook account to register. You must RSVP while spaces are limited. Follow this link and get your name on the list.

T-Mobile Sidekick Service Ends Next Week

Time is running out if you are a SideKick owner still running on the Microsoft / Danger servers. This service will reach it’s end of life on May 31 and your SideKick will revert to being a basic phone with only text messaging capability.

T-Mobile has provided tools to save all of your data off the servers but remember you only have until the end of June and then your data is lost forever. The new Android based SideKick has been selling well for T-Mobile so if you are still running an old device you may want to plan your move soon and not wait until the 31st.

Photosynth Panorama App For iPhone And iPad

When it comes to panorama applications there are several out there in your respective App Market. Recently Microsoft has entered the battlefield with Photosynth for the iPhone & iPad that lets you capture 360 degree images.

With Photosynth you’re able to capture pictures in all directions up, down, left and right to create your image and you can even share your images to Facebook (with the included free Photosynth.net service).   Read more

LG Android Powerhouse?

When I hear HTC, I think Android and Windows. I hear RIM, I think BlackBerry. I hear Apple, I think iPhone. What do I think when I hear LG? Umm…home appliances. Okay, okay, MAYBE there’s an off chance I’ll reminisce on the LG Chocolate and all its glorious colors with Verizon. Let’s be real though, LG doesn’t quite spark your interest, not mine at least. Their new Android 4-inch beast might just change that…might.

For now all we have to go off are some pictures that Engadget was able to leak on their site along with some basic specs: Read more

LG Windows Phone 7 Users To Get Free Access To Apps

What is better than having a large selection of apps? A large selection of paid apps for free.

If Windows Phone 7 is your choice of OS, LG and Microsoft want to reward you. LG and Microsoft will be giving away a variety apps every 60 days. These include applications valued up to $30.00 It appears a large variety will be made available, including social networking, gaming and utilities. Read more