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RIM's BBX Renamed BlackBerry 10

According to a tweet from BlackBerryDev the next platform will be renamed to BlackBerry 10 instead of BBX. The tweet stated “Asia Keynote: BlackBerry 10 is the official name of the next generation platform that will power future BlackBerry smartphones!”

The reason for the BlackBerry 10 name is RIM lost a legal battle to BASIS International for the name BBX. The company has been using the BBX name for their software products and currently holds a trademark on BBX.

This is really not that big of a blow to RIM other than a black eye for not checking into BBX more before declaring it theirs. The name change came from a temporary restraining order obtained by BASIS to prevent RIM from using the name BBX at their developers conference after RIM refused to stop using the registered trademark.

Let’s hope BlackBerry 10 lives up to all the naming hype.

DingleBerry Provides Tool For Rooting BlackBerry PlayBook

If you want to have some fun with your cheaply obtained BlackBerry PlayBook, now is the time. DingleBerry has been released providing PlayBook users with a tool to root (jailbreak) their tablet. Only a Windows version is available right now, but a MAC download is on its way.

Having root access to a device allows for endless potential. Such as installing other operating systems, running unapproved apps, changing setting to allow Hulu access, etc. This is not for the casual user and as much as we are promoting fun with the tool, for most, it is better to leave DingleBerry alone.

This tool is a huge headache for RIM. It is hard to tout how secure your devices is when someone can get root access. I am sure RIM has a team working feverishly to find a patch for this exploit. We are starting to wonder if RIM is going to have to spend some more R&D times with BBX before it is released to make sure this never happens to a smartphone.

If you still have that urge to play hacker, you can start by following this link to download DingleBerry.

Best Buy Cancels BlackBerry PlayBook Orders

Best Buy wasn’t fully ready for Black Friday as the company had to cancel orders for the BlackBerry PlayBook; some sources say all orders were cancelled while others said it was sporadic.

It appears now the reason for the cancelled orders was Best Buy online continued to sell the PlayBook even though they ran out of units.

Cyber Monday is here and Best Buy is completely out of the BlackBerry PlayBook, if you were hoping to get your hands on the discounted tablet you can still purchase the tablet from RIM. Just follow this link and get yourself the BlackBerry PlayBook you wanted.

BlackBerry PlayBook Available For $200 On Black Friday


You can tell Black Friday is around the corner or that RIM has warehouses full of unwanted BlackBerry PlayBooks as Staples will be offering the PlayBook for $199. Dont get too excited as it‘s only the 16 GB model of the tablet, but you are saving $300 off or suggested retail.

There has also been a rumor that the PlayBook will be going for the same price at Best Buy stores.

$200 for a tablet isnt bad at all, but since RIM continues to fall short on making the Android App Player and native email available for the PlayBook you may want to really consider if the discount is worth It.

If you are a BlackBerry loyalist this is a great deal. If you are looking for a well rounded tablet I would recommend the Kindle Fire for $199, the Samsung Galaxy Tab line or the Apple iPad.

BlackBerry PlayBook Buy 2, Get 1 Free

RIM is offering their BlackBerry PlayBook in a buy 2, get 1 free promotion that will be running through December 31st. In addition to purchasing the BlackBerry PlayBook consumers will be able to receive a free accessory for each device.

Accessories to choose from include:

  • BlackBerry Leather Sleeve (Black)
  • BlackBerry Charging Pod
  • High-Speed HDMI Cable 6ft.

In order to take RIM up on their promotion you will have to purchase through one the venders listed below. Is this deal, which amounts to 33% off enough to get you to buy a PlayBook? Let us know in comments.

BlackBerry PlayBook 2.0 Developer Beta Demo Video

The BlackBerry PlayBook 2.0 developer beta has been released and MacBerry.de a German website has provided us with a demo of the 7inch tablet running Android apps. The video is a muted demo, but you’re able to get a clear look at how smooth the Android apps run on the BlackBerry tablet. 


RIM Announces BlackBerry BBX At DevCon

This morning at BlackBerry DEVCON RIM announced BlackBerry BBX which combines RIM’s BlackBerry and QNX to provide a next generation platform for their BlackBerry Smartphones and tablets. The BBX platform includes BBX-OS (QNX) that will support BlackBerry cloud services, Native SDK UI tools, BlackBerry Cascades, and Adobe Air 3.0.

Also included in RIM’s announcements were WebWorks for their BlackBerry smartphones and tablets, Native SDK for BlackBerry PlayBook and a developer beta of RIM’s BlackBerry PlayBook OS (Operating System) that will support Android applications.

That is all that has been announced so far during the opening keynote. The keynote has now moved on to the technical development side. We are let down that RIM did not have a surprise in store for us. This would have been a perfect opportunity to drop something big and revolutionary versus a renamed OS. Read more

BlackBerry DevCon Americas 2011 – Android Developers Welcome

Tomorrow is going to be a big day for Research In Motion, as they are holding BlackBerry DevCon Americas 2011 in San Francisco. DevCon will allow for new and existing BlackBerry application developers to get the opportunity to interact and learn from RIM experts about the latest development technologies for the BlackBerry smartphone and BlackBerry PlayBook.

We know RIM will be showing off their Android App Player for the BlackBerry PlayBook, DevCon is the perfect opportunity for Android and web developers to have their apps ported to the PlayBook. Read more

BlackBerry QNX Smartphones Available To Developers In October

BlackBerry developers attending RIM’s BlackBerry Developers Conference next month will be getting their hands on QNX BlackBerry Smartphones. We have put a lot of hope in QNX to pull the BlackBerry brand back into the fold of high-end smartphones.

As IntoMobile has stated and we fully agree with, this is RIM’s last chance before consumers and investors write off the brand. As hard as we are on BlackBerry right now it is honestly with hope of a turn around.

Let’s hope RIM is able to push out a high quality, stable, intensely media friendly smartphone before the holidays.

BlackBerry PlayBook To FINALLY Get Update

Additional information out of today’s earning call from RIM included information on the PlayBook. RIM will be releasing a software update, version 2.0 to fix many of the bugs in the current QNX OS and also bring tablet basics like an email client.

The update will also include the much anticipated Android player so that you can run Android apps on your PlayBook. I’m not to sure if the player will add any desire to the PlayBook. If I want to run Android apps I will buy an Android tablet. I don’t know many people who go purchase a MacBook to run Windows.

It was also divulged that RIM has only shipped 200,000 PlayBooks. Keyword there is shipped, this is not how many have been purchased. That number is still as elusive.

Look for a lot more on QNX next month as RIM holds their BlackBerry Developers Conference. The PlayBook update will be available sometime in October.