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T-Mobile Offering Unlimited Nationwide 4G Data Plans Starting September 5

T-Mobile has announced that starting September 5th customers will be able to take advantage of their 4G network with an true Unlimited Nationwide 4G Data plan.

“We’re big believers in customer-driven innovation, and our Unlimited Nationwide 4G Data plan is the answer to customers who are frustrated by the cost, complexity and congested networks of our competitors,” said Kevin McLaughlin, vice president, marketing, T-Mobile USA. “Consumers want the freedom of unlimited 4G data. Our bold move to be the only wireless carrier to offer an Unlimited Nationwide 4G Data plan reinforces our value leadership and capitalizes on the strength of our nationwide 4G network.”

The unlimited data plans are a good price you can pay $20 per month when added to a Value voice and text plan or $30 per month when added to a Classic voice and data plan.

This is a big move for T-Mobile. This puts them inline with Sprints offering. Now lets see if T-Mobile has a 4G iPhone to offer on September 12.


Sprint Working Out iPhone Data Issues

Sprint’s data service with the iPhone has had its ups and downs. Some users report slow speed while many show speeds surpassing other carriers offering the iPhone. The good news is Sprint is actively working on their network according to CNET and working hard to address the network issues and make sure everyone is happy.

Sprint is the only major carrier in the United States to offer unlimited data as an option on the iPhone. If Sprint wants unlimited data to be a selling point than the network will need to handle the traffic well.

“Initial customer response to the improvements has been very positive,” Fared Adib, Vice President of Product Development for Sprint, said in a statement to CNET. Sprint continues to monitor device and network performance to ensure that customers get the performance they expect from our products.”

Do you use a Sprint iPhone? What has your experience been like? Let us know in comments.

Sprint Puts Out 5 Commercials About True Unlimited Data

Sprint is staying on top of the fact that Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile don’t offer true unlimited data, as the company has released five new commercials giving you “Warnings” about running out of data with the other carriers. No Socializing, Megaphone, Turn Off, Jellyfish and Whatever are titles of the new commercials; personally my favorite is the Jellyfish one. I wouldn’t want to be stung in the face by a Jellyfish for going over my data but I guess that could be the feeling based on the bill.

You can view all the new commercials via this link.

AT&T Begins Throttling Data

AT&T is keeping true with their promises. If you have unlimited data (a.k.a evil customer) and exceed about 2GB of data usage during your billing cycle look forward to the above text message from your beloved AT&T. Data speeds will now be throttled though we don’t know yet to what rate.

Let us know if you get this message and how much data you are using. Right now it seems to be very heavy users getting the message.

Sprint Capping Hotspot Data

Sprint has been making changes to their terms of service like crazy over the last few weeks and it is looking that they are not going to be stopping anytime soon.

On October 2nd Sprint will be changing how they handle Hotspot usage on your smartphone. Starting on the 2nd you will be limited to 5GBs of Hotspot data. The good news is this does not change your unlimited data plan for your smartphone. Any data that originates or ends on your smartphone will not come under restrictions of 5GB cap.

I am sure Sprint will come under a little fire for this change but we are very pleased the are not touching unlimited data on smartphones.


Sprint Bringing Unlimited Data To iPhone Launch

At this point there is really no doubt that Sprint is getting the next generation iPhone. Pricing, specs and a firm launch date are all that is missing. We are now hearing that Sprint is going to bring unlimited data to the iPhone party. According to Bloomberg Sprint plans on offering it’s unlimited data for iPhone users. This is a great opportunity to gain some new customers, especially those that continually go over their data caps on other carriers.

AT&T has made it clear they have no plans on bringing unlimited data back. They say offering a 2GB plan is saving their customers money. While it does save $5 over the old unlimited pricing I know many people that would happily pay $20 a month more for unlimited.

Would you switch carriers to get unlimited data?

T-Mobile Giving Away Free Gift Cards And Smartphones

Tomorrow only, August 20th, T-Mobile is going to be running a giveaway. T-Mobile will be giving away 49 gift cards worth $49 each. To enter the giveaway is easy, just become a fan of T-Mobile’s Facebook page by clicking on the “like” button and filling out the sweepstakes form on the “$49 Value Plan” tab. If you’re an existing fan go to the fan page and Value Plan tab and fill out the form.

The giveaway is to celebrate T-Mobile’s Value plans, including their unlimited talk, text and data plan for $49.99 per line, for up to two lines. Read more

T-Mobile Just Joking About Unlimited Data – Overage Charges Coming

Remember those very well priced plans from T-Mobile that included 200 MB of high speed data and then throttled your connection but left you with unlimited data? Well T-Mobile is becoming more and more like AT&T everyday and has decided they were just kidding about that plan. Starting August 14th, T-Mobile will be charging for overages on that plan. Read more

AT&T Dropping Unlimited Data For Jailbroken Tethering Users

It’s no surprise AT&T is going to start pulling the plug on users with unlimited data plans who are using their iPhone to tether on jailbroken devices. AT&T is going to start switching these customers to a 2GB tethering plan. Which is $25 for the basic 2GB plan and $20 for the tethering add-on that includes 2GB of data. People caught in this crack down will be paying $45 a month for 4GB of data going forward. Read more

T-Mobile Offering New Value Plans

July 24th is going to have some new Value Plans that are said to save their customers money. The new Value Plans can be paired with any of T-Mobile’s smartphones, available with a new or qualifying two-year contract. The new plans feature an array of affordable monthly rates for talk, text and unlimited data with no overage charges.

Below is a chart of the plans and T-Mobile highlighted the savings you could possibly achieve in pink. You can also find the full press release after the jump. Read more