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Unlocked iPhone 5 Available For Purchase Starting Tonight

Looks like Apple will begin selling an unlocked version of the iPhone 5 starting tonight. According to 9to5Mac, sales will start at 9PM tonight with prices for the unlocked version will starting at $649 for the 16 GB, $749 for the 32 GB and $849 for the 64 GB model.

This is a great option for customers that travel and want to use their iPhone in other countries with a local SIM card.

T-Mobile Improves Coverage And Speed For Unlocked iPhones

We know T-Mobile isn’t carrying the iPhone, but that doesn’t stop the company from welcoming unlocked iPhones.

Suzanne Lowry, Vice President of Marketing wrote in T-Mobile’s blog “We see a big opportunity to make the experience of bringing an unlocked iPhone to T-Mobile even better for customers.”

September 12th T-Mobile sent iPhone 4 demo units to their branded retail stores were their sales staff started training to help customers set up their iPhones that were compatible.

Today T-Mobile has made one of their first official statements about network changes allowing for existing unlocked iPhones to operate on their network at 3G and 4G speeds. Previously iPhone users on T-Mobile had to deal with slow 2G speeds due to network incompatibility.

Neville Ray, Chief Technology Officer for T-Mobile stated, “This year, we are modernizing our network with new equipment that will increase signal strength and enhance voice and data coverage. Even better, as we retune our airwaves to turn on 4G service in our iPhone compatible spectrum in major markets this year, our network is becoming compatible with a broader range of unlocked devices.”

Currently Las Vegas, NV is the only official location to support the iPhone at higher speeds but there are many areas supporting it. Once T-Mobile finishes this refarming of their network I would expect an official announcement from T-Mobile about finally carrying the iPhone. I would look for that in the 1st or second quarter of 2013.


Apple Selling Unlocked Versions Of iPhone 4

Apple has begun selling unlocked iPhone 4s. The United States is the last region to start selling them as AT&T has always been against flexibility and benefit for their customers. Now that AT&T has lost the exclusive contract for the device in the U.S. It has paved the way for unlocked devices.

The iPhones are available directly from Apple and come at a substantial cost. 16GB model is $649 and the 32GB is $749.

Keep in mind these will not work on T-Mobile’s 3G/4G network. You can get data service but it will be the slower EDGE network.

Is iPad 2 Coming Unlocked

AppleĀ’s iPad 2 sinceĀ announcement has been the buzz of news in the technology world of tablets, but there has been one question left in mind since being introduced. Will the 3G GSM models come unlocked in North America? The only way we will find out is tomorrow at 5 P.M. EST when the iPad 2 is finally available. Read more